tiered lunch box stainless steel lunch box by xinyuan brand

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tiered lunch box stainless steel lunch box by xinyuan brand

103 Published by gdxinyuan 3月 07,2022

304 Stainless Steel Square Lunch Box, Multilayer Lunch Box,Perfect for Salads Sandwiches, Snacks,Rice, Drinks


【About This Product】Stainless steel lunch box,tiered lunch boxes,the capacity is 1-3L,Specification is 58*54*53,there are three colors, they are red, blue and green.Has a wide range of uses, such as school, picnic, camping, hiking, High-temperature resistance, used as lunch box, bento box, food storage box.tiered lunch box

【Lunch Box】 Made of superior food-grade stainless steel, material thick texture hard, no distortion, excellent durability. Perfect for putting salads, sandwiches, snacks and so on.tiered lunch box

【Food Grade Safe Eco-friendly Material】Stackable bento box made of wheat fibre composite material, BPA-FREE, reusable, eco-friendly, no smell. Can be used with confidence.

tiered lunch box

【Keep Food Fresh】This bento lunch box suitable to put fruit, snacks, pasta, chicken, salad, sandwich or sushi and enjoy it where and when you like. Three compartments help you to plan a well-balanced diet, Not only for men and women to keep a healthy diet but also for girls and boys to have comprehensive nutrition.

tiered lunch box

【Save & Prevent Waste】  Stay safe and eat healthy every day ★ Forget crowded restaurants. Enjoy a good meal every day — at work or at school — and a healthy, balanced, home-cooked meal. Save $3,000 a year (Umami study. Compare lunch boxes to take-out). Embrace a zero-waste lifestyle. Lunch boxes will be your daily lunch break companion.

tiered lunch box

【The Perfect Gift】 Super convenient and trendy on-the-go microwaveable bento box that everyone will love. Available in multiple colors or sizes. Its unique design is a modern take on the traditional Japanese bento lunch box.,and is ideal for men, women and teens.

tiered lunch box

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