A good stainless steel teakettles !

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A good stainless steel teakettles !

274 Published by gdxinyuan 12月 20,2019

Stainless steel teakettles with heat-resistant, phenolic handle and whistle, serves up to four cups
Suitable for all hob types, including induction, ceramic, electric, gas and cookers
Traditional kettle design, wide, durable base for consistent heating, steady pouring thanks to upright, handle position, 5-year guarantee
Safe and easy to use and clean thanks to locked, ergonomic handle, handwash recommended Contents: 1 x Stainless Steel Kettle with Whistle,colour: Silver



  teakettles odm stainless steel


1.Remember to lift up the handle when boiling water, keep the flame stay under bottom ( medium fire ) , wait for it to cool down a little or cover it with cloth or wear oven mitts when handling teakettle when you bring it.
2.Please keep it clean and dry after each use.
3.Do not fill your kettle with water less than 0.5 L or over the MAX line, to avoid boiling dry or overflowing. This applies to all kettles.
4.Please keep cleaning the kettle body frequently, or if it is placed on gas, it will be blackened by high temperature of flame. So we recommend that simmer the kettle with medium flame.
5.In fact, we can only say it can not be easily rust. Stainless steel can be rust under some certain conditions. For example, some substances from water attached to the surface of kettle to form rust or stains when heating.



  teakettles OEM stainless steel


From morning cuppas to afternoon tea with guests, make more than just a standard drink with the stainless steel stove-top kettle. Thanks to its magentic base, it is suitable for all hob types, including induction and cookers, you can brew up a storm for up to 3 people. Enjoy classic tea or get experimental with fusion flavours; from chili hot chocolate to on-trend turmeric or beetroot lattes. Adding a vintage feel to your kitchen, it boasts elegant curves and a traditional whistle at the end of the spout. Ensuring comfortable day-to-day use, it features an ergonomically shaped, heat-resistant phenolic handle and knob.

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