What are the functions of the Steamer Cooker?

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What are the functions of the Steamer Cooker?

44 Published by gdxinyuan 7月 25,2020

  • Steamer Cooker FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL:The Steamer Pot is made of food grade stainless steel and it has been carefully polished to a smooth and round surface. It is safe for your family. No odor, safe and healthy, get healthy, save cash. The bottom of the pot is welded with high quality stainless steel seamless material, which is evenly heated, with high thermal efficiency, and energy saving.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: The 2-Layer Steamer Pot Lid is made of high-quality glass for easy viewing of the food in the pot. The pot is not only can steam food, but also hot pot, soup, stew, cook, rinse. Easy to use, easy to wash, great for household cooking, outdoor picnic and camping. It helps you produce tasty, nutrient-packed meals in minutes. It is a lifesaver at Christmas!

Steamer Cooker OEM steamer pot

  • WELL DESIGN:Stainless Steel Cookware, the humanized design of the handle, combined with ergonomics, the handle is firm and not easy to loose. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the thickened handle can reach 15KG theoretically, and the handle is not easy to fall off or break. The steaming compartment in the pot has a porous design to allow the food to heat up quickly.
  • APPLICABLE HEATING METHOD : The Stainless Steel Cookware applicable for opening flame heating, induction cooker heating, gas stove heating, electric furnace heating.

Steamer Cooker OEM steamer pot

material: stainless steel. Size: bottom diameter: 7 inch / 17.8cm, diameter of the pot: about 10.6 inch / 27cm, double height: 5.1 inch / 13cm (as shown)

Use the bottom pot to cook quinoa while the top steams vegetables at the same time making a complete meal easily and quickly with minimal clean up. The bottom pan without the steamer on top is short than most stock pots thus making it fit easily on The shelves of a refrigerator for left-overs.

Steamer Insert, You can steam potatoes and prepare more fresh vegetables, steamed to perfection, promotes healthy cooking and eating.

2 Piece Stainless Steel Stack and Steam Pot Set – and Lid, Steamer Saucepot double boiler.

Perfect for steaming vegetables and cooking rice at the same time as well as re-steaming tamales as leftovers.

Material: Made of stainless steel, sturdy and the handle made of silicone for more comfort and safety.

Brand New and high quality. Made of stainless steel material, safe, durable.

Thickened handle, sturdy, strong bearing capacity. Compatible with gas stove, furnace, induction, electric halogen oven.

Thickened steam lattice, uniform design of steam holes.

Visible glass lid, you can see the inside clearly, with steam port.

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