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Do you know the stainless steel kitchen supplies grade ?

567 Published by gdxinyuan 5月 06,2018

Stainless steel kitchen supplies major grades :

stainless steel kitchen units factory

Stainless steel 300 series and 400 series distinction :

300 series stainless steels (301, 302, 303, 304, 316, 321, etc.) area unit primary solid solution and embrace variations on the fundamental eighteen atomic number 24 – eight atomic number 28 composition with alternative additional components (e.g. Mo in 316). These alloys have high corrosion resistance and may solely be hardened by cold work.
400 series alloys (410, 416, 420, 440) area unit martensitic high atomic number 24 alloys with enough carbon to be hardened by quench and temper. These alloys have comparatively poorer corrosion resistance within the stainless-steel family.

Precipitation hardening grades embrace 17–4, 13–8, 15–5, 17–7, 450, 455, 465 etc. and area unit hardened by an occasional temperature heat treatment between 900F – 1150F leading to lower distortion than quench hardened four hundred series alloys. These allo

Due to corrosion resistance , tenacity , improved aesthetics , so stainless steel is that the best product inuse for kitchen supplies . 

More than that if you have any interested in stainless steel kitchen supplies , please feel free to contact us , we have more products for your choose . kitchen supplies , cookware , hotelware ,hotel supplies lunch box kettle , etc .


hot lunch box factory stainless steel chafing dish manufacturer portable barbecue grill ODM
  • Name:Stainless steel hot lunch box
  • Item No.:FT-03001-B
  • Material:201 stainless steel + pp
  • Size: 900/1800/2700ML
  • Name:stainless steel chafing dish
  • Item No.:FT-02400-B
  • Material:201 stainless steel
  • Size:57*40 CM
  • Name:Stainless steel portable barbecue grill
  • Item No.:FT-02812
  • Material:201 stainless steel
  • Size:36*23*20/48*33*30 79*33*30/48*33*45   79*33*45/73*33*70     104*33*70 CM
boiling pot supplier small tray wholesale electric kettle price OEM
  • Name:Stainless steel boiling pot
  • Item No.:FT-02005
  • Material:410 stainless steel
  • Size:28/30/32/34/36cm
  • Name:Stainless steel small tray
  • Item No.:FT-00710
  • Material:201 stainless steel
  • Size:30/32/35 cm
  • Name:Stainless steel electric kettle price
  • Item No.:FT-01212
  • Material:201 stainless steel
  • Size:4/5/6 L
Quality is the hallmark of our products . We adopt stringent quality control norms to ensure that our products comply with international standard of quality . Our quality control professionals closely monitor every stage of production to ensure a flawless range of products .  All the products are packed with precision to avoid any damage during the transportation .

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our products.We sincerely hope to establish long-term business relationships with your in near future .

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