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Best of stainless steel filter mug ?

764 Published by gdxinyuan 9月 21,2018

This stainless steel filter mug can effectively separate food and grease, improve quality of life and health.
High quality, fashionable, beautiful and solid .

Filter oil storage in one step


The mesh surface is dense and can effectively separate the slag. and the oil storage is more convenient . The oil mug is deepened and designed to be convenient and practical .

 stainless steel filter mug factory
Split design is cleaner and more convenient


Easily filter the oil that has been fried , and fiter more thoroughly .

It is safer , healthier and more user-friendly .

stainless steel filter mug export
Eagle mouth diversion


When stainless steel filter mug pouring oil , dump along the mouth of the eagle , do not leak oil , do not scrape oil .

stainless steel filter mug manufacturer
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