Your kitchen needs a multi-purpose stainless steel bowls!

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kitchenware factory production experience


Your kitchen/ restaurant needs a multi-purpose stainless steel bowls!

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The stainless steel bowls allows you to mix almost anything without the mess and the rolled lip allows for an easy pour. a brushed exterior gives a touch of elegance to the strength and durability of the bowl. these stainless steel veggie bowl are a necessity in any kitchen/restaurant.




These stainless steel bowls are made of 

heavy duty SUS 201/304 stainless steel,

which has no chemical odor, Eco-Friendly, BPA Free.

These stainless steel bowls are engineered 

with a double-wall design that enhances 

your dining experience and works great in 

keeping rice, soups, and noodles hot without 

scalding and keeps ice cream cold 

without condensation.

stainless steel bowls veggie factory ODM stainless steel bowls supplier



Our stainless steel bowls are refrigerator safe,

 freezer safe and dishwasher safe, you can 

stack them to save space, won’t give a strange 

taste and smell to your food, make sure that 

your meal will stay fresh, delicious and healthy.

It is designed for a multi-purpose use, 

are ideal for entertaining inside or outside 

the home. Also great to use for salad, cereal, 

oatmeal, appetizers, chips, dips, nuts, and 

other snacks.

stainless steel bowls manufacturer stainless steel veggie bowl import


Unlike most poorly made plastic bowls that give a strange taste and smell to your food, 

with Artisan Supply meal prep bowls make sure that your meal will stay fresh, 

delicious and healthy.

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Your kitchen/ restaurant needs a multi-purpose stainless steel bowls!

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