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What is stainless chafing dish used for?

286 Published by gdxinyuan 6月 13,2019

Entertain Like A Pro! Our Stainless Chafing Dish, Stainless Steel Electrolysis Pans, Wire Racks, And Chafing Fuel Let You Serve A Piping Hot Meal In Virtually Any Setting.



1.Perfect for large gatherings, events, buffets, hotel breakfast areas, brunches, catering, parties, wedding banquets and self-service restaurant etc.
2. Constructed with a solid frame and a complete accessories set, you can enjoy a delicious meal after installing it well
3. Smooth surface, easy to clean
4. Two handles on two sides of the chafing dish are safe for you to carry and take the dish and prevent your hand from being scald
5. Come with sturdy frames, dome covers, water pans, food pans, iron sheets, fuel holders


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Mirror Finish:Our stainless chafing dish has a smooth, stainless-steel surface and a sturdy matte stainless-steel stand. It will not rust, tarnish or corrode.

Maintain Temperature:It has a bottom tray that can support two fuel burners which is is perfect for buffet serving and other situations where you want to keep food warm for extended periods of time.



1.Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel
2.Volume: 65*36*36 cm
3. Color: Silver
4. Shape: Rectangle
5. Can Serve: at Least 8 People(Single)


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This is our stainless steel 8 Quart Welded Steel Chafing Dish which is Ideal for buffets, hotel breakfast areas, brunches, catering, parties, wedding banquets and self-service environments. Made of stainless steel and featured a uniquely designed frame, this Chafing Dish can be used for a very long time and is easy to store and clean. Do NOT hesitate to buy it! 


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