Roll top chafing dish is a is used to serve food in gatherings!

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Roll top chafing dish is a is used to serve food in gatherings!

98 Published by gdxinyuan 3月 21,2020

A Roll top chafing dish is a special dish that is used to serve food in gatherings and parties. These are shallow dishes that are specifically designed to keep your food warm. They are available in different designs and sizes. Usually, they are large enough to serve food to medium to a large gathering.

Key features
  • Stainless-steel surface that does not rust, corrode or tarnish
  • Sturdy stainless steel stand with a matte finish
  • Rounded corners within the food pan ensure easy cleaning while limiting food waste
  • Lip on the water ensures minimal spillage
  • Dome cover locks at 90 degrees and roll up to 180 degrees
  • Offers easy access from each side
  • The bottom tray that can support two fuel burners


This cheap buffet chafing dish set has a large serving capacity as it has 2 roll top Chafers (6 quarts) which include: water pan, round food pan, and a fuel holder.

Chafing Dish is built with high-quality stainless steel and also consists of a bottom tray that can support 2 fuel burners which is great for serving food at events where you want to keep food warm for a longer time period.

The buffet food warmer chafing dish has a smooth surface constructed of stainless steel and a sturdy matte stand.

Its evenly polished mirror finish will make this buffet food warmer chafing dish shimmer in the dim lighting and in addition to being functional it looks beautiful in the dining area of any venue like weddings, birthday parties or family dinners.

This cheap buffet chafing dish is easy to clean with any dishwashing liquid and dry with a light fabric or towel.


roll top chafing dish

Mophorn buffet food warmer chafing dish has two sturdy, cool to touch handles at both sides of the chafing dish, which offers great ease whenever you want to remove the food tray. Hence, it is portable.

This buffet server chafing dish is an excellent choice for both home and commercial food serving to make food serving easy at all types of events including buffets, brunches, dinners, catering, wedding banquets, parties, and self-service environments.
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