What are the advantages of Oil skimmer!

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What are the advantages of Oil skimmer!

75 Published by gdxinyuan 9月 19,2020

  • Oil skimmer High-quality Materials:Spider skimmer is made of high-quality 201 food grade stainless steel.The surface is forged and polished. It has the characteristics of sturdiness, durability,resistance to rust, health and non-toxicity, and long service life. The surface is processed by satin,which is more durable and durable.It has long service life and will not rust,bend or break.
  • High-quality Design:The slotted spoon has an ergonomically designed handle, which increases friction, is not easy to fall off, and has a comfortable feel. It is an essential tool for home kitchens. with bold steel bars that are durable and comfortable to hold,making it the perfect choice for your kitchen utensils.

 Oil skimmer ODM stainless steel

  • Innovative and Perfect:The YM26 designed pasta colander safely shoveles food and expels hot oil and boiling liquid. The novel design and stainless steel construction combine functionality and durability while taking advantage of both East and West.
  • Easy to Use:Deep-fried foods can be quickly drained to maintain a crisp and delicious flavor without leaving greasy residue.The stainless steel skimmer spoon is seamless and non-porous,does not absorb grease,and avoids the trouble of cross-contamination of food.Made of all stainless steel with a satin handle.It has anti-fouling,anti-tarnish and anti-rust effects.
  • FINEST VERSATILE STRAINER: This spider strainer is perfect for everyday boiling or deep frying. Spiral wire design drains excess oil or liquid quickly for better cooking result.
  • STAINLESS STEEL – This wide anti rust stainless steel skimmer. It also has a hanging loop for easier, space-saving storage!

oil skimmer ODM Oil Filter

  • HEAT RESISTANT HANDLE: The premium solid heat resistant handle is cool to the touch! The skimmer ideal will keep away from heat source.
  • SUPERB COMMERCIAL QUALITY: his strainer is not only great for home use, but also professional use! From restaurants,catering, and hotels!
  • PERFECT FOR FRYING UTENSIL: More solid and durable than the similar products in the market, hardly damaged. The long handles protect your hands from hot grease and oils while letting you cook your favorite foods.

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