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Do you have a noodle ramen pot in your home?

361 Published by gdxinyuan 6月 03,2019

Noodle Ramen pot have endless cooking possibilities-it applies to everything from soup to stew to main course and dessert. Use it in daily cooking and use your favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Noodle Ramen pot,with its origins in Chinese lamian, is considered a national dish of Japan. Ramen is to Japanese people as hamburgers or sandwiches are to American people. Instant noodles have long been a favorite junk food for people in the U.S. but now, noodle ramen shops are popping up everywhere (especially in New York City) and non-Japanese chefs are creating their own interpretation of the Japanese noodle dish. Even in Japan, every region has its own style of noodle ramen, displaying the local ingredients available in the area.


Noodle Ramen is composed of soup, noodles and garnish, and the soup is composed of stock, taré and kaori abura. Taré is the flavoring of the soup and the kaori abura is the oil, that provides the aroma. The stock provides the body and richness of the soup.


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Browse our tableware section for noodle ramen bowls, renge spoons and chopsticks, and our cooking utensil section for ramen noodle strainers, refractometers and other essential tools.

These hammered pots create more surface area on the pot exterior for conducting heat, while on the inside of the pot, the dimples help prevent foods from burning and sticking. Good to making noodle ramen stock at home.


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