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Come and get your stainless steel kitchen salad bowl!

326 Published by gdxinyuan 5月 15,2019

Shop The Pampered Chef Stainless Steel kitchen salad bowl Set and other top kitchen products. Explore new recipes, get cooking ideas, and discover the chef in you today!


PREMIUM QUALITY – When it comes to quality, XINYUANis the company that you should always trust for all your kitchenware. This set of mixing bowls is made using the highest quality stainless steel. Nontoxic materials, and won’t stain, absorb odors or rust, giving you years of durability. It doesn’t affect the taste of your food and will maintain their unrivaled characteristics even after numerous washes!


MULTI-FUNCTION USE – Whether it’s a big bowl of popcorn, salad, pasta, fruit, or homemade ice cream, there’s a bowl just the right size. Suitable for all types of cake, bread and pastry making, serving large or small salads, even enjoyed for sausage making. Versatile, enjoyable and a daily used kitchen item for all.


SPACE SAVING DESIGN – Thanks to XINYUAN unique design, you can store all the smaller, stackable mixing bowls into the 5 quart one and save space instantly. Get rid of all the different kitchen containers that consume a large space and don’t fit in your drawers!


stainless steel kitchen salad bowl supplier

REFRIGERATOR, FREEZER & DISHWASHER SAFE – Meal prep couldn’t be easier. No more soaking. Dishwasher safe stainless steel kitchen saladbowl set free from harmless chemical and bacterial. Simply wipe clean refrigerate, freeze and store, you’ll love the versatility.


WITH COLORFUL LIDS – Keep prepared food fresh, whether it’s a giant batch of party mix or refrigerated batter that needs to be chilled.The lids also can be stacked together, making the whole set a space saving solution! Using a five-color lid, to the cooking people to bring a pleasant mood, the kitchen is full of relaxed atmosphere.

stainless steel kitchen salad bowl import
Non-slid silicone bottom, keep the bowl stay on the countertop when you mixing

Inner volume measurement in quarts and liters.

The 2 transparent lids have a hole in the center which is designed for using in conjunction with a stick/hand blender to provide a handy splash guard. With the transparent lid, you could see the statu of the cream or egg white clearly.


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