Induction Chafer is made by stainless steel Body,chafing dish !

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Induction Chafer is made by stainless steel Body ,The chafing dish is perfect!

195 Published by gdxinyuan 2月 13,2020

 Induction Chafer Heavy Duty Upgraded Stainless SteelThis chafing dishes utensils is made of food grade stainless steel which match World health organization tableware standards.

The whole pan material is 0.6mm thickness, the frame is 2mm thickness, which make sure its durable and sturdy and extend its longer lifespan to prevent broken.

Mirror Cover and Safety Humanization DesignThe considerable round edge design and hollow handles are made to prevent scalding or hurt. Two sturdy hooks in the back has the ability to hold the lid while food in the chafer pan is being served, it’s convenient for you in outdoor party. Additionally, a highly-polished shiny mirror finish will shimmer in the ambient lighting of your venue.

induction chafer ODM stainless steel
Maintain Temperature to Keep Food WarmThe frame includes a bottom tray which supports 2 fuel holders to store fuels for heating food. The extending hours depend on your fuel amounts, generally speaking, 25g alcohol solid fuel can last about half an hour. When the fuel is extinguished the chafing dish will keep the food warm about 3-4 hours.

You can also put ice in the water pan if you want to cool down the food.Complete Accessories SetThis chafing dish set contains a firm and thick frame to support total weight.2 fuel holders in the bottom tray are designed to store fuels for burning (fuel is not included). Loading water in the water pan and put cooked food in food pan.

stainless steel chafing dish
This item is designed for keeping food warm but not cooking food because the highest temperature is 100 degree centigrade.Large Serving for Gathering.Each dish can hold 8 quart, it suitable for any occasions, whether restaurant or hotel or school dining hall all use it to keep food warm. You can use it for wedding, banquet, birthday, party to serve your guest and keep food being fresh and delicious. No stick and easy clean with dish washing liquid and dried with a soft towel.
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