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378 Published by gdxinyuan 11月 08,2018

Stainless steel fresh keeping box,made from Stainless Steel, the container`s lid locks to keep contents fresh. Purchase the Power Shake Terra Pouch, pour the powder into this canister and rest assured that the empty package will not contribute to amassing land fills!
It not only make your goods stay fresh longer, but also give your kitchen a nicer and tidier look. Don’t hesitate to buy one home.Stainless steel for durable using.It is universal and practical.
  • 1.A high-end, high-quality kitchen crisper that makes your kitchen cleaner.
  • 2.The combination of practicality and beauty will save you space in your home and add decorative elements to your home.
  • 3.The intimate lid design also prevents the cabinet from being scented when the food is stored in the refrigerator.
  • 4.Thick stainless steel case for improved anti-fall ability, more durable and thicker feel.
  • 5.Easy to stack, easy to open, can be placed in cabinets or drawers to save space.
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