Welcome to our Stainless steel food steel pan containers !

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Welcome to our Stainless steel food steel pan containers !

311 Published by gdxinyuan 12月 14,2019

Food is the fundamental right of the human. ‍Most of the time we throw away food that wasted away on the kitchen or pantry shelf before we could consume it. Sometimes we purchase more than we need, but many times food spoils before we have the opportunity to cook with it. Thankfully, there are some things we can do to make the food we bring home last a little longer. Some food Storage containers are the best for storing food which includes stainless steel  food steel pan containers, bulk food storage container, Plastic food storage container, and glass food storage container etc.

Stainless steel containers, such as gastronorm pans, offer long-lasting, durable and easy to clean food storage. Not only do stainless steel gastronorms provide versatile and practical storage, but they can be used at every stage of food preparation. From cold storage to oven, to service, gastronorms are a must-have for any catering venue. Available in 9 sizes and 6 depths, gastronorm pans help you to store any and all foods in an efficient and hygiene way.

food steel pan containers OEM stainless steel
Stainless steel food steel pan containers will last a long time when maintained properly and you can use them to store foods for short periods. we should not Store acidic or salty foods in stainless steel for long periods because the metal leaches into the food and the foods can cause pitting in the steel. There are some foods which are nature as Acidic and salty. In this Categories include soups, tomato sauces, foods made with citrus or citrus juices and most cooked fruits. Use the Stainless steel food container for short-term storage and you’ll be fine.

If you want to eat healthy food, you should be using stainless steel food containers and start by planning your meals with the best stainless steel containers. It is the best stainless steel food containers with lids. This snap seal container keeps food fresh. It is Really good for baked goods, herbs and teas it keeps it fresh and crunchy!  JACEBOX is a great organizer size that nest inside each other and great for a meal, salad, sandwich, & snacks to take to the workplace, school, university and other. A Lunch to go outside, picnic on the park, use on RVs, boats, hikes, and trips, lightweight plus the snap on airtight lids are leak proof, creating a tight seal, and are easy to open.

food steel pan containers ODM stainless steel
Product Description: This 304 stainless steel food container with lids are leak proof, durable, stackable and sturdy, and practically unbreakable. So you can use it for so many times not using disposables or plastic bags saving money, and reducing our footprint. There are three perfect sizes for a full meal. Small 12oz / 350ml. Medium 19oz, /550ml. Large 28oz/850ml.

Stainless steel food containers with lids feature:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Top rack easy to clean
  • Great as a freezer container!
  • No odor absorption / no taste retention
  • Great to pair up with a thermos, and children lunch box for school!

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