Development path:stainless steel kitchenware factory - XINYUAN

Have ten years of stainless steel

kitchenware factory production experience



Development path

1995 Years


Factory established, most of products sold to the domestic market.


1996 -1998 Years


The goods best sell in the domestic wholesale market. Our brand good famous in China market. There are some foreign customers through Yiwu market buy directly from our factory.


1999-2002 Years


Development new path products suitable for Southeast Asia market. The products are best sell in the market.


2003-2007 Years


Many trading companies have come to negotiate and buy our products sold to more and more countries in the world.


2008 Years


Lead in the industry, online sale in Alibaba. Many customers directly comes from countries buy our goods.


2009 – 2010 Years


Prepare and show our goods for canton fair until now many cooperation customers, many customers place the orders.


2013-2017 Years


Team working, best service for order delivery and so on. Win customer approve and good praise.


2018 Years


We have been sold our goods to 38 countries. Customers choose our brand and establish good relationship.


In further


We will develop more than 50 kinds of new and good quality products to different counties.

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