Elegant multi-functional teapot coffee pot !

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Elegant multi-functional teapot coffee pot !

83 Published by gdxinyuan 3月 25,2020

coffee pot  Our products are an ideal choice for everyday use and are loved by customers for their exquisite surface treatment, perfect balance, anti-pollution ability and attractive appearance.Our products are widely used in home, hotel and restaurant, bar and bakery cooking and service.We are a customer-based business and all our efforts are aimed at winning the satisfaction of well-known customers.In order to meet the special requirements of customers for kitchen equipment, we provide a variety of sizes, shapes and designs.An interactive team keeps in touch with customers, understands their exact needs, and designs and develops products accordingly.In addition, our quality inspectors strictly check all finished products to make sure they are perfect before final shipment.All our professionals work closely with each other to achieve organizational goals on time and efficiently.With a large number of production lines and a customer-oriented approach, we have gathered a large number of customers in different corners of the Indian subcontinent.

 coffee pot OEM stainless steel

Stainless steel coffee pot infuser beautiful and easy to use, not hot.Make tea with a small net, the tea leaves will not fall out when making tea.The inside and outside of the tank are sandblasted, resistant to corrosion and easy to clean.This classic stainless steel teapot comes from our amazing George house collection and is used to brew the perfect beer.Simple in itself, this is a timeless design, the perfect home or office for making tea or coffee.


coffee pot OEM stainless steel supplier

It’s very helpful for your family life.Want to add style to your loose leaf tea experience?This durable glass and metal teapot and infuser lets you do just that.Look through the glass and make sure your beer is dark enough to suit your taste. Rinse off the infuser.It’s that simple.Stylish and elegant styling design.Light weight, strong and durable.High quality borosilicate glass, durable.Stainless steel filter design, very practical.Safe and reliable, crystal clear, easy to clean, no tea stains.Applicable to green tea, black tea, jasmine tea, oolong tea, craft tea, fruit tea and other tea sets.Widely used in coffee, hotels, teahouses, restaurants and other places.Specification: material: high borosilicate glass and stainless steel color: transparent

  • Size:600 / 800 / 1050 ml
  • Item No.:FT-01307
  • Material:201 stainless steel

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